Start The Next Decade Off Right: Leave DezNat Behind

The intended audience of this article is any DezNat, fascist, white nationalist or anyone on the edges of these movements: 

2022 is almost here and we at Expose Deznat want to give you some advice: if you want this year to be a better year than 2021 was, then you need to make a permanent break with the fascist movement. The fascist movement is not one you want to be associated with, and the consequences are often life-ruining. Even if you make it to the top of a far-Right group like DezNat, you are not protected from job loss and your career being destroyed. Your organization can also fall apart leaving you alone to face the consequences.

broken chains leave deznat bigotry

There are, however, options to leave the fascist movement. Contrary to the established mythology around “red-pilling”, people leave all the time, both publicly and privately. There are groups that can help you exit the movement. Be aware that merely saying you are no longer a bigot, racist or fascist while still organizing and associating with your fascist pals is not acceptable. We will know if you are insincere.

Expose DezNat will not go after you for your past. If it’s clear that you’ve left the movement behind, we’ll leave you alone. Just send us an email with an account of your time in the movement (what you’ve done, with what organizations, etc.), what you are doing or have done to provide restitution to the communities you have harmed as a token of good faith/sincerity, be ready to answer some follow-up questions, and make clear in your actions going forward that you’ve left DezNat, fascism, bigotry, and/or white nationalism behind. That’s all. We can’t speak for anyone else you may have harmed, but we don’t get in the way of people trying to do better by themselves and others.

Let 2022 be a year of turning your life around. Reach out for help leaving the fascist movement if you think you need it. Send us a message to let us know about your choice. We look forward to hearing from you: exposedeznat at riseup dot net.

This article was re-published in part with permission by Atlanta Antifascists. We have made changes to the text to reflect our research focus. Original article here.

Nathan Jones Of Roswell, NM Exposed As White Supremacist Mormon Fascist

Meet Nathan “Nate” Jones aka 4K, 21, of Roswell, New Mexico, a revolting racist, antisemite, misogynist, and homophobe. Nathan served a Mormon mission in Argentina and Fresno, California, is currently a student at Brigham Young University-Idaho, as well as an original member of the Discord server where DezNat came to life. Although Nathan has strong family connections, is very close to his older sister Madeline, and has a lot going for him, he is also a self-avowed fascist who proudly shouts his hate from the rooftop. He is among one of the worst and most hateful Deseret Nationalists we have come across in our research, and he is unlikely to change his ideology. He is a threat to minorities, women, and LGBTQ people. Buckle up, this is going to be a bumpy ride.

nate jones roswell new mexico lds missionary deznat

Nathan “Nate” Jones of Roswell, New Mexico

Content Warning: This article contains racist, queerphobic, ableist and misogynistic statements, antisemitism, references to the Holocaust, neo-Nazism, assault and other acts of violence, and other objectionable language. We feel it is important to show examples of this person’s hateful ideology in his own words, rather than merely describing or characterizing it. In all cases where slurs or other offensive words have letters replaced by asterisks, or have been redacted or obscured in images, those redaction’s have been added by the authors of this article, not by the person who is being quoted/screencapped.

Deseret Nationalism

While some DezNats will deny the movement is about nationalism, Nathan embraces it’s nationalist roots. An original member of Bunch of Latter-day Saints [cite], the Discord server that gave rise to DezNat, Nathan saw DezNat as an online avenue to explore his fascist ideologies in the company of other Mormons. He states:

“You guys know that DezNat stood for Deseret Nationalism right? …this was originally about Nationalism.” – Nathan Jones aka 4K

Nathan has criticized DezNat for so-called disavowals on Twitter, saying, “disavowal is cringe, don’t use progmo [progressive Mormon] rhetoric, call them gay instead.” Although Nathan considers himself mostly DezNat-adjacent and claims he doesn’t use the hashtag because he doesn’t like the “disavowal game,” he continues to have many mutuals and interactions (e.g. conversations, retweets, and quotetweets) with other Deseret Nationalists.

nate jones 4k roswell nm racist deznat mormon elder 1

source: [1]

Neo-Nazism, Antisemitism, and Fascism

Nathan self-identifies as a fascist, he supports a far-right authoritarian government that, in his case, puts race or ethnicity above the individual through force and violent oppression. In Russia, LGBTQ individuals face violent repression and legal challenges; Nathan supports these human rights abuses by stating, “what if Russians don’t want their country to be a safe place for [homophobic slur]? Why does their country have to be a safe place for [homophobic slur]? WHY? WHY??”

“Dude I’m literally a fascist” – Nathan Jones

Nathan, who appears to be obsessed with fascist ideology, claims he knows all the details of history leading up to World War I, but can’t remember his own shoe size. He says he would rather live in a fascist state and that in order to create a Mormon lebensraum that “first we gotta kick out the Mexicans.” Lebensraum is nearly always associated with Nazi Germany, and refers to the German colonization of other nations for the use and benefit of Germans. Nathan is a white supremacist who desires to create a white ethnostate in the United States. As for Hispanic people who “hate their race” and “are willing to deport illegals” he says, “They can stay. We’ll give them their own designated ethnostate I guess.” Disturbingly, Nathan’s father, Damon Jones, works for the U.S. Border Patrol.

nate jones 4k roswell nm racist deznat mormon elder 1

sources: [2, 3, 4, 5]

According to Nathan’s sister, Madeline, their father is “worried my brother is a neonazi,” but that “He’s pretty sure I’m not anymore racist than he is.” According to her, their father (who is a cop) has a “colorful vocabulary of racist terms” and is “an aficionado on Asian slurs.”

Nathan also dehumanizes people, believes leftists should be murdered, and makes statements referencing Augusto Pinochet, a brutal and violent dictator who ruled the South American nation of Chile in terror. Pinochet is known for murdering political dissidents by tossing them out of helicopters. These so-called “death flights” are the subject of numerous alt-right and white supremacist memes suggesting that communists and leftists be given “free helicopter rides.” When asked what the best way to physically remove communists is if you don’t know how to pilot a helicopter, Nathan responds, “Paying another man to pilot the helicopter and then pushing the commie out.”

nate jones 4k roswell nm racist deznat mormon elder 1

sources: [6, 7, 8]

He also designs memes and other images incorporating neo-Nazi and fascist symbols which he posts online. These images frequently include the sonnenrad, totenkopf, and swastika symbols; he appears to do it for his own enjoyment. The sonnenrad, totenkopf (skull and crossbones or death’s head), and swastika are all symbols used in Nazi Germany and are known hate symbols. In line with this theme, Nathan also admires Mein Kampf, authored by Adolf Hitler. Nathan states:

“There is no cute girl passionately reading Mein Kampf ASMR, why live?” – Nathan Jones aka 4K

Mein Kampf is an antisemitic work written by Adolf Hitler that posits a Jewish plot to control global leadership. It was used by the Nazi regime to justify the extermination of the Jews.

nate jones 4k roswell nm racist deznat mormon elder 1

sources: [9, 10, 11]

Nathan Jones’ antisemitism goes beyond simply espousing his support for, and sharing neo-Nazi symbols and Hitler’s Mein Kampf. In reference to the 2014 Marvel movie, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, he states it’s “a couple dudes dealing with annoying jews and women.” Knowing his audience well, he poses the question, “What’s not Jewish but FEELS very Jewish to you?” Numerous antisemitic replies to this question are tweeted from fascists and Deseret Nationalists.

In one particularly offensive joke, Nathan stated that a Book of Mormon prophet wore a siege mask, tweeting, “Actually Abinadi wore a siege mask.” The siege mask, pictured below, is a clothing item associated with neo-Nazi and anti-government extremism.

nate jones 4k roswell nm racist deznat mormon elder 1

source: [12]

Like his sister, Nathan is an eco-fascist. In his bedroom hangs an “Appeal to Heaven” flag–a flag used during the American Revolution–which is now becoming increasingly popular among extremists. In his Hero For Fun blog, Nathan demonstrates to the reader that he is intimately familiar with fascist accelerationist ideology and recommends literature promoting accelerationism, including the writings of Ted Kaczynski’s (the Unibomber) Industrial Society and Its Future. He refers to the opening phrase to Kaczynski’s Manifesto, “the industrial revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race” as “the good 14 words.” (The other 14 words being the neo-Nazi slogan made popular by David Lane.) The opening sentence to Kacyzynski’s Manifesto is a memetic phrase sometimes used by those on the far-right and by those within DezNat, i.e. Zachary Martin (Hoss), Matthias Cicotte (JReubenCiark), and Madeline Jones.

nate jones 4k roswell nm racist deznat mormon elder 1

sources: [13, 14]

nate jones 4k roswell nm racist deznat mormon elder 1

An image from Nathan Jones’ blog, Hero For Fun


Nathan Jones of Roswell, New Mexico is openly racist. He has been posting racist content online since at least 2016 and seemingly is accellerating, showing no signs of slowing down. The toxic nature of DezNat groomed Nathan Jones’ racist ideologies; in fact, he claims that after being encouraged to go on his LDS mission to Argentina, the Resistencia Mission actually made him more racist.

“nothing made me more racist than living in argentina, i’ll leave it at that” – Nathan Jones aka 4K

Nathan is a white supremacist; espousing hate toward black, Latinx, and Asian people. He uses the white supremacist memewhite boy summer” and repeatedly comments, “man I love being white.” He often calls out his white Mormon followers on Twitter, usually with a variation of the following statement, “Good morning my fellow whites! …remember to read your scriptures and exercise!” When someone told him, “You are such a backwards evil racist homophobic sexist manspalining [sic] bigoted Nazi. And your probably ableist too,” Nathan replied, “Yes, now get in the gas chamber.”, clearly referring to the Holocaust where ~6 million Jews were killed during ethnic cleansing of the Nazi regime.

nate jones 4k roswell nm racist deznat mormon elder 1

sources: [15, 16, 17, 18]

Nathan often talks about dealing with customers at his place of employment on Twitter. In one instance he describes a situation where two Latinas are speaking Spanish to each other at the register and discarding items they did not want to buy, he remarks, “If retail doesn’t make somebody racist I don’t know what will.” He had a similar reaction to a black female customer, tweeting, “Black women quit trying to pick fights with me at the register challenge (IMPOSSIBLE).” Later, he states, “Weirdest thing I see at work is probably these boomer white grandparents and their mulatto grandkids, this is weirdly common and my town has a minuscule black population.”

Nathan has no problem openly using the N-slur. He has created at least one video using the racist slur and posted it at least twice online. He participated in an N-tower with other Deseret Nationalists to mock someone that was blocked by Zach Martin (Hoss) after they called him racist. Nathan Jones is known so well for being a racist that when an ultraconservative black Mormon influencer blocked him, he tweeted, “i like two tweets and le [anti-black slur] preemptively blocked me.”

nate jones 4k roswell nm racist deznat mormon elder 1

sources: [19, 20, a screencap showing an N-tower that Nathan Jones started]

He has also used “chinkoid” to refer to a person of Asian background. This is especially concerning considering he recently revealed that one of the roommates assigned to him this coming semester at BYU-Idaho is Asian [source].

nate jones 4k roswell nm racist deznat mormon elder 1

sources: [21, 22]


Nathan Jones of Roswell, New Mexico is a misogynist. He is “sick of women on the internet.” He would like to ban women from social media altogether and repeal the 19th amendment–the amendment that gave women in the United States the right to vote. He believes that more women and people of color in government means giving up prosperity and success.

Nathan hates women. He states that if men are “a little mean” to women or don’t like their opinions, they act “like he raped them.” He says women like Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and feminists are “hysterical” and should get “a slap in the face like you’d see in an old movie.” Nathan also talks a lot about how women secretly love sociopaths [23, 24, 25], but won’t date him.

nate jones 4k roswell nm racist deznat mormon elder 1

sources: [26, 27, 28, 29]

Nathan body shames women. He has said, “Probably not a thing on this planet I hate more than fat women.” Customers at his place of employment aren’t off limits. He has tweeted, “Every adult woman that’s come into my store tonight almost certainly weighs more than I do and it’s so gross, like *just stop eating*, go outside.” He called a woman a “dumb (misogynistic slur).”

Homophobia, Queerphobia

Nathan is a queerphobe. He hates gay people. He believes nations should be able to persecute gay people. He believes gays have ruined everything, including candy and color palettes. He uses the derogatory and offensive word “f*ggot” (and it’s Spanish counterpart) to refer to homosexuals. He has used the word “homo” to refer to gay people. He has asked a former member of the Mormon faith, “when are you going to stop having sex with men?” He called George Takei, an Asian actor, a “chinkoid butt pirate.”

After getting his hours cut at work, Nathan stated, “I believe I have discovered the root of the problem, they hired a new cashier and I am 70% sure he is gay.”

nate jones 4k roswell nm racist deznat mormon elder 1

sources: [30, 31, 32, 33]


Nathan frequently uses the word “ret*rd” [34, 35, 36]. He has also joked about people with missing limbs and referred to an in real life Latter-day Saint friend as “sperging.” It should be noted that his older sister says she has Aspergers.

nate jones 4k roswell nm racist deznat mormon elder 1

sources: [Jones family, redacted; 34]

The Trace – Identifying Nathan Jones of Roswell, New Mexico

Nathan aka 4K left several clues about his identity and location while spreading hate online:

  1. He has red hair.
  2. He has 3 siblings, 2 younger brothers and an older sister.
  3. He publicly announced his birthday.
  4. He graduated high school in 2018.
  5. He has lived in California and New Mexico.
  6. He served an LDS mission in the Argentina Resistencia Mission, returned due health reasons and was reassigned to the Fresno California Mission, but had to return early because he got kidney stones.
  7. He is fluent in English and Spanish.
nate jones 4k roswell nm racist deznat mormon elder

source of Jones family photo:

Using information Nathan Jones posted publicly about his mission experience, we were able to connect him to other LDS missionaries who served in the same area of Argentina during the same time he was there. We were also able to see he was connected to another racist, misogynistic DezNat–Jack Jerman.

nate jones 4k roswell nm racist deznat mormon elder 1

Image showing Nathan (Nate) Jones was connected to DezNat Jack Jerman. Sometime after May 2021, Nathan Jones “unfriended” Jerman.

Nathan also posted pictures of his bedroom on Facebook and Twitter. The same pine tree flag is visible in both images.

nate jones 4k roswell nm racist deznat mormon elder 1

Calls To Action

1.) Nathan is currently circumventing a Twitter suspension. Report his Twitter account for hate: @HighDefconFive

  • User Permalink:

2.) Nathan is a white supremacist currently enrolled at Brigham Young University-Idaho.

The Mormon church has officially stated:

White supremacist attitudes are morally wrong and sinful, and we condemn them. Church members who promote or pursue a “white culture” or white supremacy agenda are not in harmony with the teachings of the Church.”

In order to attend BYU-Idaho all students must receive an ecclesiastical endorsement from their bishop or equivalent. Hold the University and Nathan’s local leadership accountable to the LDS Church’s official statement. Nathan’s home ward is the Rio Hondo Ward of the Roswell New Mexico Stake. Kindly let local leaders know that Nathan Jones is a white supremacist.

rio hondo ward lds new mexico


If you have additional information to share regarding Nathan or Madeline Jones, please email exposedeznat at riseup dot net. We do not share sources of tips with anyone.

Email: exposedeznat at riseup dot net


Nathan Jones’ social media accounts:

Twitter 1 (suspended):

  • Display Name: Senor Ultra 4K, Sir Ultra 4K, Mister Ultra 4K, Mister 4K
  • User Name: @nateultra4K; @misterultra4k
  • Twitter ID: 3195339001
  • Created: 5/14/2015
  • Suspended: sometime after 5/18/2021

Twitter 2:

  • Display Name: Super 4K(HD)
  • User Name: HighDefconFive, FloresRicardo47, use permalink below for current @
  • User Permalink: (if link doesn’t work then account suspended or self-deleted)
  • Twitter ID: 1395013914065211394
  • Created: 5/19/2021

Twitter 3:

  • Display Name: 4K (Priv) – private
  • User Name: @animepolygamy
  • Twitter ID: 964622656359182336
  • Created: 2/16/2018

Facebook: https://www.facebook. com/profile.php?id=100009799960252