Start The Next Decade Off Right: Leave DezNat Behind

The intended audience of this article is any DezNat, fascist, white nationalist or anyone on the edges of these movements: 

2022 is almost here and we at Expose Deznat want to give you some advice: if you want this year to be a better year than 2021 was, then you need to make a permanent break with the fascist movement. The fascist movement is not one you want to be associated with, and the consequences are often life-ruining. Even if you make it to the top of a far-Right group like DezNat, you are not protected from job loss and your career being destroyed. Your organization can also fall apart leaving you alone to face the consequences.

broken chains leave deznat bigotry

There are, however, options to leave the fascist movement. Contrary to the established mythology around “red-pilling”, people leave all the time, both publicly and privately. There are groups that can help you exit the movement. Be aware that merely saying you are no longer a bigot, racist or fascist while still organizing and associating with your fascist pals is not acceptable. We will know if you are insincere.

Expose DezNat will not go after you for your past. If it’s clear that you’ve left the movement behind, we’ll leave you alone. Just send us an email with an account of your time in the movement (what you’ve done, with what organizations, etc.), what you are doing or have done to provide restitution to the communities you have harmed as a token of good faith/sincerity, be ready to answer some follow-up questions, and make clear in your actions going forward that you’ve left DezNat, fascism, bigotry, and/or white nationalism behind. That’s all. We can’t speak for anyone else you may have harmed, but we don’t get in the way of people trying to do better by themselves and others.

Let 2022 be a year of turning your life around. Reach out for help leaving the fascist movement if you think you need it. Send us a message to let us know about your choice. We look forward to hearing from you: exposedeznat at riseup dot net.

This article was re-published in part with permission by Atlanta Antifascists. We have made changes to the text to reflect our research focus. Original article here.